Actor/Talent Casting List

Please fill out the form below so we can have you on our on-call list when we need actors or talent for any commercial, promotional, or music videos. We will have you sign a  video production release form the day of the shoot. This  information will not be sold to any third-party, but may be shared with any partners that we may collaborate with in the process of production and they may contact you for future inquiries. By filling out this form it doesn't guarantee a paid position, but you will be notified whether it is or not. By filling out this form it also doesn't guarantee you that we will call you for every project since it is on a need basis. Why do we want your social media? We would like  to make you part of our marketing efforts to help us get the videos we produce out there to the public. We will  also follow you on all our LBJ Media accounts for social media and show you support  when we can . Any questions or concerns contact Luis Bardales  Jr. at or  (484) 505-6549. The * symbol signifies that it is  required for you to fill out.
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